Mobile games and APP are in everything we make, but it’s also between those things. It’s a mix of craft, science, storytelling, philosophy, and zen. We're highly qualified specialists in different areas. But the fact that we share a love for our work, a sense of humor, which helps to overcome the difficulties, and desire to make this world a little better.

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	 Chaseсraft - Running Game

Chaseсraft - Running Game

A full range of game promotions from ASO to work with push notifications, reviews, influencers, and the purchase of paid traffic.

Traffic Tour

Traffic Tour

In cooperation with Wolves interactives, work on ASO for racing games. We managed to increase our positions on key queries, work with motive, and paid channels of attribution.



CASETiFY is the world's first social design platform that turns your Instagram, Facebook, and personal photos into custom cases for mobile phones and tablets. It's the simplest way to capture and take your favorite moments with you, everywhere you go.

777 score

777 score

Live statistics for spot games. 777score also helps you predict game result.  



With service you can make a reality of its own design capabilities and take cover for your gadget with unique design, made ​​by yourself.  


Plotly this is awesome web based tool for visualization and collect statistics data Our company done partial work. Implement webGL and three.js visualisation.  

world of warplanes

world of warplanes

In World of Warplanes, battles unfold at picturesque in-game locations. 



   Somedays is a major e-commerce portal for Shopify CMS. By the forces of our studio, we developand refactoring this awesome web portal,for today we support , customize and create mobile adoptation. To date, it is a strong player in Australia's multi-brand online segment.



Conc is a concrete manufactory factory. Work with individual order and  production scale! located in Kiev, Ukraine  

West online game

West online game

Series of 8 browser games for the West company. Implementation on HTML5 and canvas. In this game, user needs as quickly as possible to drive the distance, snowboarding, and and same time collect chips and get points for it.



"Mysport" is a unique service that gives you the ability to pay and rent playgrounds anywhere: at home, on the street, in the cafe. We provide only accurate information on the sports field in Ukraine. You do not have to be disappointed to learn that the platform on which you have already set.

Regional site for an international company in sports rehabilitation and prosthetics, and more. Full company name - medi GmbH & Co. KG. The company's headquarters is located in Bayreuth

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what we do


We provide services to still quite new industry promotion of a product or service on the App Store! We promote to the top through organic traffic, make motivated installs, optimize in-app purchases, we are in the top 10 companies in western and eastern Europe


We are proud that we provide world-class application marketing services. Our focus is also App marketing and ASO. Starting from the semantic core and ending with A/B tests of icons and screenshots we know how to achieve top position in your category.


When you create sites there are no unimportant things. Especially if we are talking about the part where users interact with the resource. It is important to correct the switching of all shapes, tables, captions. We have certified specialists in web layout, we actively use Vue, React frameworks, WebGL. Also very interesting direction for us java-script games and apps.


Our company has big experience in developing high-loaded systems, we're use  modern frameworks, creative approach to complex problems. 

We can create for you for example  the financial system, as well as an online store, and you may just need a custom landing page ,  all depends on your needs ...

Our clients say

Maxim and his team have built a pretty kohana framework based responsive site with social functions and cool html5 eyecandy in no time. They are good and quick. I can only recommend them

Great communication and easy to work with. Looking forward to on-going work with ZigZag!! Thanks!!

Done the work on time and very high quality! I recommend it.

Done quickly, in time, has always been in touch, update items. +)

Very pleased to work with ZigZag. The job was substandard, and he did a great job with everything. Always connected, is not lost (which is very important in dealing with freelancers). Will refer again!


Ukraine, Kiev, Tiraspolskaya St. , 43, office 407

+38 (067) 541 41 24, [email protected]

telegram , skype: makasiku