It's no secret that Apple Search Ads is almost the only tool that allows you to display ads in the App Store without GDPR.  Today we're going to talk about new types of placements: You Might Also Like and Today.

Few months ago, the Chrome developers announced that in July 2018 will begin to mark as unsafe all HTTP pages. The "Not secure" icon appears in the address bar next to the URL.

This is an important innovation, because people are taught to avoid sites that have not installed a TLS certificate to encrypt traffic. After all, these sites really endanger users. For example, providers and other intruders can inject advertisements, cryptomayers and other malicious content into unencrypted traffic.

So, site with protection and traffic encryption are recognized as the normal.


New Keyboard for a MacBook

2016-10-21 12:38

As it became known, Apple could  replace  in future the usual keys on the MacBook keys with displays E Ink.

WebGL come into our life.

2015-07-02 23:27

Internet is rapidly burst into our lives, it is now difficult to find a man who would never have bought goods online store, and not surprisingly, it's convenient, fast and transparent look, examined the proposal, and if you still arranged it ordered!