Forecasts for 2024


So let's try to understand what ASO professionals and marketers can expect in 2024

Increasing attention will be given to product quality. Higher-quality products, including games and apps, will be able to boost user retention or generate more advertising impressions. As a result, there will be higher ARPU and Lifetime Value (LTV) per user. More experienced developers will be able to afford higher user acquisition costs, again due to an analytical approach and the ability to calculate the Return On Investment (ROI) at which products will be profitable.

Artificial intelligence will make marketers squirm in their seats, as research indicates that 90% of companies in the app marketing sector in 2024 are considering optimizing their workforce and partially replacing it with AI.

The trend of custom product pages and working with more segmented audiences will continue.

We are awaiting the release of Apple Vision. Given the strength of the Apple brand, new opportunities for developers and marketers will emerge. Do you think this device will repeat the fate of Google Glass, or will it truly transform the market and popularize these devices?

Additionally, the emergence of alternative app stores is anticipated, at least in Europe.