It's no secret that Apple Search Ads is almost the only tool that allows you to display ads in the App Store without GDPR.  Today we're going to talk about new types of placements: You Might Also Like and Today.

But it's also no secret that it's quite an expensive tool for attracting new installations. Well, who would have doubted it.

For example in the USA according to some requests you can pay 30 or even 50 USD for a target action (CPA) and nobody will guarantee that your game won't be deleted right away. Yes, because businesses know they need to recoup the installation by showing ads or getting the necessary paid subscriptions.

In our team, we have first-hand experience with the low effectiveness of Search Sab campaigns because you can't pay for the targeted action, only CPM model. N.B.: The concept of paying per 1,000 views not per CPT, has recently been revised.
You pay only for the tap, but in view of the low CR and the inability to pick up the output for the right KW, the final price for the installation is likely to be very high and TTR is quite low.
The only possible solution and justification – campaigns for brand awareness, in a particular region and for a particular audience.
For example, if you have a jewelry company and an APP, you can try Search Tab campaing. But then again, there are other channels, the same Google or ad networks will most likely have a lower CPM. Attentive readers will remember that in the console, there is also CPA (cost per install) and the total number of impression, but these figures can be calculated knowing the total number of impressions and installs.

Another thing to do is SKAG or Discovery campaign, in which in the first case, we set a specific word with the exact match in the Ad Group Keywords, and minus words in Search term. We can get a good tool for promotion for a particular keyword, increase the organic with a high probability and receive analytics on installations of this Ad Group (if available AppsFlyer or other tools)

For Discovery campaign we exclude our words from SKAG groups and get a great tool for identifying new keywords. Yes, many ASO experts use this at first glance illogical solution, and having a good TTR you can safely add the KW in the ASO service and in the field of KW Appstore Connect for a particular locale. 

Strictly speaking now apple gives us two tools for advertising in the appstore search - Search campaigns and Search tab campaigns.

But wait, iOS 16 is going to add as many as 2 new ads placements:
App Store Today and You Might Also Like.

Let's start with the last one, You Might Also Like - a selection of similar games and apps when you select something and view the product page, how would that work let's fantasize about how it will be?
We get to the product page, scroll down and then we see an "Idleclicker game" ad on the "App organizer" page.  Funny isn't it, we think this should be regulated somehow. Also, where will the traffic from this selection go, because if we look similar traffic in the developer's console goes to Browse traffic. 

According to our insider information You Might Also Like will only be available for the same category as the product page, which means yes there will be moderation by the ASA team.

An even tidier slice of the App Store Today pie, it's hard to imagine a CPA in this section, again according to unverified information content for this area you can choose from one of your Custom Product Page, you will be reviewed by 2 CPP teams for this location is reviewed by Apple Search Ads. team and additionally reviewed by APP STORE Connect.

ASA team requirements:
   The advertising messages in each ad image must contain more than 50 characters or three lines of text. 
   All promotional images must contain actual screenshots from the app being promoted. Creatives should not contain only promotional, advertising images, but be sure to show the application interface.
   Application screenshots in promotional creative should be prominent and unchanged. Application screenshots should occupy at least 2/3 of each advertising creative.
  No price offers or app rating messages are allowed in the ad creatives.
   The use of fonts similar to the App Store "Today" tab cards is prohibited. The phrases "Game of the Day" and "App of the Day" cannot be used in ad creative.
   The language used in the ad creative must match the language selected in App Store Connect.
   If the image mimics a device and contains a mockup, the mockup must match state-of-the-art Apple devices. 
   Advertising creatives must not contain images that are considered violent, sexually explicit or otherwise inappropriate.
   Advertising creatives must be consistent with Apple's advertising policies.

Wait not long dear friends, in iOS 16 we will see the possibility of new placements, we will be glad for the feedback and mentione us with link to this article.