In this article, we will look at how to use promo codes for in-app purchases and how they can be used to achieve marketing goals.


"Promo codes in the App Store are a powerful tool for app developers, enabling them to increase user loyalty and attract new audiences. In this article, we'll explore how to use promo codes for in-app purchases and how they can be leveraged to achieve marketing goals.

Functional Features of Promo Codes


Apple allows developers to generate up to 100 promo codes for each in-app purchase. There is a limit of 1000 codes per app, and these limits are refreshed twice a year. Promo codes can be an excellent way for testing new features among a select group of users before making them available to the general public. They also offer a great opportunity to reward active users and strengthen their loyalty.

To work with promo codes, developers must access App Store Connect and navigate to the relevant section. All they need to do is specify the number of promo codes they want to generate for a particular in-app purchase.

Marketing component of promo codes

Promo codes can be used for various marketing objectives:

1. Enhancing the Appeal of New Features: Promo codes can be offered to the first users to try out new paid features for free. This can stimulate interest and discussions about innovations on social media.

2. Affiliate Programs: Collaborating with bloggers and influencers who can distribute promo codes to their audience helps increase reach and draw attention to the app.

3. Contests and Promotions: Use promo codes as prizes in contests or as gifts for the first buyers during promotional campaigns.

 Successful Cases


1. A mobile game developer/marketer decided to run a promotion aimed at increasing the number of active users. They created a special set of levels that could only be accessed with a promo code. These codes were distributed among popular gaming forums and blogs. As a result, players who received the codes actively shared their experiences on social media, leading to an increase in game downloads and in-app purchases.

2. For Christmas and the winter holidays, we added a limited number of promo codes in a language learning app that unlocked part of the premium features. This was announced in the "what's new" section at release, a special event was created, and the website also had information about the promo code giveaway. We collected contacts from those who wished to receive a promo and participate in the event; the campaign started two weeks before Christmas and over 10 days, we randomly sent out 100 promo codes. We saw that this influenced loyalty among the audience and the event's conversion rate increased. Also, remember that sometimes it's worth explaining how to apply the promo code for the app and game.

Promo codes in the App Store offer a good opportunity for marketers to increase user engagement and attract new audiences. They open doors for creative marketing campaigns and can serve as a bridge for communication with users. By using promo codes skillfully and creatively, an application can significantly enhance its market presence and increase the loyalty of its existing users."

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